Using NEX As A "Digital Back" for Large Format Cameras

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Re: Using NEX As A "Digital Back" for Large Format Cameras

On one of the Photokina reviews there was an interview with a view camera maker, beautiful wooden models, and he had backs which could mount a DSLR (or a nex) and slide them horizontally or, on another back, vert and horiz. The notion was to stitch the separate images later. This sounded like a DIY, but I didn't know how sharp the images might be, so I took the film holder off the back of a Graphlex I've got, opened the lens as for focusing, held my 5n, w/o a lens mounted, behind it all and took a few pics of a lamp in a dark room. I just moved the nex to get an approximate focus, had ISO at 3200 for a higher shutter speed. Not bad at all; I was surprised. But my question is: how would images taken this way, with the camera stationary but the Nex moved, be superior to several images taken with the Nex and a prime, where the camera is moved vert and horizontally. I presume the pic would be a landscape, not something close to camera where parallax could be an issue.

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