A list of good/bad MFT lens for new owner?

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Re: A list of good/bad MFT lens for new owner?

I would also give a recommendations for
12mm f2 oly
14mm f2.5 lumix
20mm f1.7 lumix
25mm f1.4 leica/lumix
45mm f1.8 oly

I like both the 20mm and 25mm a lot. I own the 20mm and have borrowed a friend's 25mm several times. Both are great lenses. The 25mm is faster, heavier, better IQ, and more expensive. I will buy the 14mm very soon.

The original 14-45 lumix is a very good zoom, very sharp with nice contrast. but I find it's f3.5-5.6 too slow for what I like to shoot. I am not really a zoom shooter, but the new 12-35 f2.8 lumix is excellent (maybe best mFT zoom out there now), but it is a bit heavy and expensive.

That seems like a complete list of primes

Compared to this set 12-35/f2.8 is not so expensive and not so heavy. I found it useful for portraits at 35mm/f2.8, it's as sharp as 20mm/f1.7 at the same focal lenght and it's better for static low light scenes on Panasonic bodies because of OIS. Plus it is not bad for close ups. I think this is very good lens for most situations. But yes, it is expensive.

I don't particularly like 14-45/f3.5-5.6, it is versatile, but there's nothing special about it. In my opinion it doesn't provide any significant advantage over high end compacts (not much DOF control, not good for low light).

I liked 20mm/f1.7 but I'm using 12-35/f2.8 in most cases now (social events and carrying camera just for case are the only exceptions). But using prime is more fun. I spend four months with just this one and was pretty happy. It sits just in the middle of most frequently used focal lengths (in my case) from 35 to 50mm.

Strange lens is 45-200/f4-5.6. I don't particularly like it - it's heavy beast, photos seems to have less contrast, it's not perfectly sharp (but still ok), sometimes I have to use higher ISO, it has shallow depth of focus and so on. But it can produce kind of photos that are not possible with shorter focal lengths - distant trees against any background, large groups of flowers with blurred background, textures in fields, nice sunsets etc. Many of my favorite photos from the last years were taken with this lens, which is quite surprising, because I'm not using it often.

Now I won't probably invest in new lenses, I'm not using 14-45mm anymore and three other lenses are all what I need. 25mm/f1.4 and 45-175/f4-5.6 might be better option. Sorry for omitting anything from Olympus, but I have Panasonic GF1 without IBIS and my next choice will be probably G5.

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