70-200 f/4 IS included items

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Re: 70-200 f/4 IS included items

I have this lens and the 70-200 f2.8 II

the f4 I.S. ... is so great I could not bear to sell it..

I bought the collar later on - Canon

it is the nicest of the colars I have seen... takes off while lens is mounted...f2.8 wont do that...

funny - I have a tripod...and dont use it
I thought I needed it ....

it moves the balance point perfectly... nice adjustments too..
a tripod guy...will like this

If I was a tripod shooter I would get it..
but grossly overpriced ... like $150

it really makes the thing nice and solid on a tripod
...could not bring my self to buy a cheapo ...in this special case..
and I now dont use it...ha

I say get the original...it is a solid bit of hardware if you like and use that lens on a tripod..

I WISH I could trade it for a collar for a 100L macro
....which I sometimes use on tripod...

oh heck...I'll sell the blasted tripod ... I chase bugs ...not wait for them

very good Brand-named Collar


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