HX30V: Disappointing Image Quality

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Re: HX30V: Disappointing Image Quality

You can adjust some sharpness, but I looked at 3 various manufacturers with 1/2.3 sensors and the images are roughly the same, you can get maybe an extra 10% zoom in on some before it becomes too apparent..

I have tried the SX260 and the HX20, both have the same size sensor. The software does differ and offers various minor improvements, but only a larger sensor can have the effect that a some people (including the OP) are looking for.

My coworkers has the HX30, and is happy with it... why? Because it has Wifi and he can easily download his pictures, and it can capture baby pictures of his son easily (in automatic mode, which is much faster than the SX260 in my opinion) He doesn't want to fiddle with the PASM settings, but he likes the 20x zoom. So for him, it works.

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