Full blown photo editing... for iOS

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Re: Full blown photo editing... for iOS

It's sort of possible but not without some major concessions on your part.

I travel a lot. Months of time each year to interesting places. So, lots of pictures. I've used a 64gb iPad 1 and now a 32gb iPad for over 3 years. I use PhotoGene with the Pro upgrade for editing and iPhoto strictly for creating and uploading to iCloud. If you use another photo site, PhotoGene has excellent upload capability, in batch mode.

Here's some pro's and cons:


Light, easy, excellent battery life, superb screen, very good jpeg editing apps available, good usability - the screen size is good, the apps are tailored for touch screen and limited screen real estate, control by touch works fine.

Organization capability is excellent. Folders or albums can be created depending on what app you use. Originals are always maintained in their original state.


If you shoot jpeg+raw, you will need to clear your iPad frequently. Another pc/Mac is required to offload your images to whatever storage device you choose. There are a ton of devices offering expanded storage for iPads. I would read a lot before you enter what is a field of devices with major shortcomings that don't get mentioned in the advertising and basically useless web site reviews (complete with links to buy). It's difficult to offload images without a computer. Most of the app approaches fall apart on more than a few fronts with raw files being a major issue.

If the iPad would be your only device, you either don't take many pictures or you will have quite a storage challenge. Yes, there are hard drives that can serve files to the iPad. Can they import? Raw files? How large a drive?

Raw editing is time consuming and, IMO, not worth the hassle. I bought a Fuji X100 which delivers excellent jpeg files. Most liked camera I've had since film days. Many apps can work off the jpeg preview in a raw file, very few can start with a raw file.

There's a lot going in in this area and there may be some decent solutions that I know nothing about.

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