50L + 50 1.4 - sell one?

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Re: Keep 50/1.2 L sell 50/1.4

Hung Pham -- That gorgeous photo of yours (originally seen on FM forum) with this soft skin tonal transitions, along with a wedding I shot this summer with a CPS loaner 50L, convinced me to pull the trigger yesterday and order the 50L. Should be here in a few days. Thanks!

OP -- I'm keeping my EF 50/2.5 macro to be my "knock-around lens" and it has outstanding IQ at the smaller apertures of 5.6 and up. I'm glad to see you are doing the same with your original 50/1.4.

Gone will be my last Zeiss lens: a Contax 50/1.4, which although awesomely sharp and contrasty has zero AF and zero "cream" -- well not ZERO cream, but not 50L dreaminess. My Contax 50/1.4 saw less use after I got a Leica 60/2.8 macro -- really an amazing lens if I want manual focus, and I love it color rendition and close focusing.

You will love the 90 TS-E. If you own the 135/2, you'll have an amazing portrait set up: 50L, 90TS-E and 1352L.

Have fun!

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