2012 Mini?

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Re: 2012 Mini?

'Unusable' was an exaggeration - I'm using Photoshop CS6 on my Mac mini on a daily basis, and CS6 has enough good new features that I wouldn't want to go back an earlier version. That said, the experience is by no means smooth. As mentioned before, sliders in ACR can take an age to update. And in Photoshop itself, zooming in and out of the image is very laggy. I think some of the problems are down to the fact that I'm using a 27" monitor (if I make the ACR window smaller, the sliders update more quickly).

If Apple release a new mini with a more powerful graphics card, I'll definitely trade in my current mini. Likewise if they release an updated Mac Pro.

In the meantime I hope Adobe better optimise CS6.

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