DPREVIEW are SO right about Canon Marketing machine...

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Re: DPREVIEW are SO right about Canon Marketing machine...

Im so disappointed with Canon at the moment, I have a 5D3 and 3 lenses, only 2 are Ls and that's still a damn expensive set up, I've come to realise, you DO NOT get your moneys worth with Canon, you really don't, In the past 4 years I have seen nothing new in Sensor technology, Canon are the biggest monopoly I have seen, looking at the sensor of the D800 it makes me ill to be honest that the camera is less expensive than a 5D3 and you just know Canons new rumored 46.1 sensor camera with an all new Sensor design is going to be in the form of a 1D Body, and I place a bet it will be the 1DXs it will cost around 5k so they can keep the prices up, Canon wont ever produce a 3D or 4D or 2D it goes against everything, Canon want you to spend 5K for a camera to have all the extras, it gets to me so much that other company's, Sony and Nikon are developmenting modern Tech at affordable prices,

I think Sony could be a good company to jump ship too, with some nice Carl Zeiss class, who knows, but I wont last long with this very laid back approach from Canon.

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