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Re: NEX 6 A few Questions

Very interesting. Thanks for that.

I wonder if it would be possible to assign a pre-set focusing point in landscape and portrait ?

I.e. when I rotate the cam to portrait mode, a focusing point should be automatically chosen(pre-configured) , placed in the top part of the frame(for focusing on the eye).

When I turn to landscape, a new pre-configured focusing point should automatically be chosen.

Is this possible on the NEX 7 ? If so, we could assume/hope the 6 will get it, too.


blue_skies wrote:
Oh, but it is, and we will see this in all MILC cameras eventually.

A. Will the OSPDAF result in blindingly fast DSLR focusing speeds? I don't think so. DSLRs have a better PDAF solution, including a lot more real estate to work with, which takes the guess work out of focusing.

B . But will the OSPDAF change the MILC experience? Absolutely. Three areas were the keeper rate drops significantly in MILC:

  1. High contrast in background causes focus to be on background, not subject.

  2. Subject fast approaching moves ahead of focus tracking ability and focusing method/time is too slow.

  3. Ability to maintain proper focus during video while panning, zooming and with fast moving subjects.

With the older Nexes, you would be better off using (D)MF for the three situations above, or try a high DOF.

I strongly believe that the OSPDAF solves these three issues. Maybe not perfectly, but enough to increase the keeper rate and make a better photographer out of anyone.

Don't throw away your LA-EA2 adapter, you'll still need it for the fast focusing. I don't think OSPDAF can replace/address this issue.

I'll add one issue so it stands out:

C. Will OSPDAF improve on focusing in other areas? No. The MF and AF techniques for other compositions already work very well in the current MILC cameras. For some of us, this can be 90% of our pictures. Also, CDAF is more accurate than PDAF, as it works at the pixel level.

In short, OSPDAF does not alter the MILC IQ, nor improve on all that is already working. But it does remedy a few minor areas, which for many greatly enhances the MILC experience. I think that that is a game changers.

Oh, and DSLR need this OSPDAF also, for video and rapid shoots, as the mirror lock up renders the DSLR into a CDAF only camera, just like any other MILC.

Last point: If this was not perceived a problem, why the patents, development effort, and new products?

goshigoo wrote:

I don't think the on sensor Phase Detect AF is really going to be a game changer
so it probably does not make any difference whether they are cross or not

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