A list of good/bad MFT lens for new owner?

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This is what I wish I did, I'm new-ish to m4/3 too.

I just hopped on the m4/3 wagon when the OM-D 1st was released.

I started this route:
Kit 12-50mm
Oly 12mm
Panasonic 25mm.

I found the kit lens was just too slow for the type of photography I mostly did. Kids and low-light so I almost never used it. Don't get me wrong, I got some fantastic shots with it, but it just wasn't a fit for me. But, talk about a hassle having to bring along multiple lenses while out with the family.

I ended up selling the 12-50mm and purchased the Panasonic 12-35mm. I think I'm going to sell the 12mm. The only thing holding me back is that it's a great lens plus very small. But now I almost never have the 12-35mm off the camera unless I'm looking for bokeh and I put on the Pany 25mm.

So, in a nutshell, I'd say go with the Pany 12-35mm plus the Pany 25mm unless your style is just a lot different than mine.

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