Advice on fixed focal length lenses please.

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Re: Advice on fixed focal length lenses please.

Rodger Richardson wrote:

Anyhow I am looking to expand my collection with another prime lens and was considering going fixed focal length such as the SAL135F18Z.

Does this lens offer anything different than a zoom lens, will I be able to try different a form of photography with a fixed focal.

It's good that you're asking that before spending the money; I'm just not sure why you even want to buy more lenses at all ...

135/1.8 gives you shallower DOF, great sharpness (even wide open). It's more compact than the 70-200 but still big & heavy. AF is sluggish and not as smooth when it comes to tracking. You can get a different look with the shallower DOF (do you ever think DOF isn't shallow enough on the f/2.8 zoom ?) And again, sharper wide open images (do you ever find your f/2.8 zoom images aren't sharp enough ?)

My advice, after 30 years photographing as a hobby (and at least 25 years of SLR buying/upgrading) is to avoid buying anything until you have a need for it. (By "need" I mean that you should be looking to do something specific where you feel let down by your current gear; not just buying because there's something out there that you don't have). My biggest buying mistakes over the years have been (1) buying something I thought I might need one day and (2) trying to save money and choose a cheaper option.

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