5D Mark III, Ryder Cup, and Release Signature ??

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Re: 5D Mark III, Ryder Cup, and Release Signature ??

Thanks to all that replied ... at least the ones with constructive criticism (ruling out the comments on golf).

I agree with all the comments on the photos and when I went back and looked at others I noticed that the shots where the shutter speed dropped lower than the focal length (e.g. 400mm and 1/400) there was a definite blur in the shot. I blew up the photo and looked at two side by side and it was surprising clear which ones had camera shake and which ones were better (notice I said better and not perfect!). As the shutter speed went up you could see the hairs on the arm and read the letters on the shoes.

One of the things I struggle with, in the excitement of the moment, is to check all those key things (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, making sure the IS switch has not been hit and turned off, single shot versus servo, metering, etc.) – but I am learning. I do get it right a number of times but want to get a higher percentage of keepers.

I also learned not to post pictures that I have not edited or cropped. These were JPGs that I downsized (size and quality) so I would not have to upload 7 meg files. I also have the RAW images which I intend to use to create the finals (for those in focus).

Again, thanks for the comments and I hope you will check back with this thread later as I am planning on posting a couple of the better ones – or at least ones that I edit and crop. Please keep your comments coming as it helps to understand how others see my work.


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