Open Letter To Olympus & Informal Survey

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Re: Open Letter To Olympus & Informal Survey

I switched to Nikon DX last year. Got the D7000, a 35mm, 50mm, 18-70mm, flash and handgrip. It was the promise of better low-light performance that drew me from 4/3 and m4/3 to Nikon DX. And yes, sure--the camera and the system delivered. But something didn't feel right.

I sold all my Nikon gear yesterday and traded it in for the E-M5. By chance, that day I helped my mom initialise the old E-500 I bought for her, so that she can use it on her upcoming holiday and was surprised at how quick and confident the AF locked on compared to the Nikon.

The primary reason I switched to Nikon was for the low-light performance. I got that, but y'know what? Within minutes of playing around with the E-500 that day, and the E-M5 the day after, I realised that the shooting experience was oh-so-much better on the Olympus.

Here's an excerpt from Thom Hogan's (awesome Nikon enthusiast and source) post, which pretty much sums up another reason why I switched away from Nikon DX and back to Olympus:

Funny thing is, only three years after introduction, m4/3 has all of these lenses and more. Here it is coming up to 14 years after DX introduction and we're still missing key lenses.


I look at (Olympus) 4/3 and I see a complete lens line-up with logical focal lengths for three distinct price ranges.

I look at (Olympus) m4/3 and I see a soon-to-be complete lens line-up (just missing a fast 17.5mm and 25mm, the former already announced) at logical and relatively affordable price.

Nikon DX? Nup. I felt as if I need to go dumpster-diving to find "consumer-priced" lenses.

Olympus has neglected its 4/3 base in favour of m4/3, sure. But personally, I'm looking forward to the solution they're planning to implement for their 4/3 lenses. I'm just hoping it will be a "proper" DSLR with a mirror. Hell, go SLT if you want--just give us that full-bodied feel in our hands!

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