What to do ?

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Re: What to do ?

I have only briefed over your replies, I will look later tonight atr them in detail. Thank you for you advice. My biggest issue is taking photo's indoors, they all seem to come out bitty grainy...Don't get me wrong, some photos I have taken are imho very good shots, I do have they eye for pictures, but as I said the indoor ones with an overhead standard light just look rubbish to me. I was considering a dlsr purely because of the larger sensor which would let in more light(?) and therefore give a clearer photo. Truth be told, I have no idea of how to use the manual settings properly, I have tried adjusting them but no real improvement. I will watch the tutorials, thank you for the links, but something that throws me is the f stops....How do I use them to improve my photos ? Maybe if I can get a grip on these basics, my ricoh will be good enough for me after all ? I was hoping that buying a dlsr would help me avoid these steps and the bigger sensor would compensate me enough....But from what you all say, maybe there are just tweaks that I could do to help myself ?

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