Advice on fixed focal length lenses please.

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Re: Advice on fixed focal length lenses please.

Ditto. An even cheaper and less risky way of trying out fixed focal would be to set one of your zooms to the focal lenght you think you want and shoot for a few days without changing it. You won't get the benefits of course, but you will see some of the limitations and it likely will change what you get first. I would recommend that especially if you think you want a 135. I wanted that lens at one time but ended up with an 85. I found that 135 is too long on APS-C except for very specific situations. Even 85 is too long to mount as much as I would like. Everyone is different though. It all depends on what you shoot.

Draek wrote:

My recommendation is, get a cheaper one so you can get a "feel" for using a fixed focal lens. The Sony 35/1.8 would be a good choice, since it's roughly a normal lens, but if not the Minolta 50/1.7 or Sony 50/1.8 would be interesting choices as well: they're good focal lengths for portraiture, so you can get a feel for their shallow DOF as well. Jumping straight into the 135/1.8 Zeiss... well, I'm sure it's a great lens, but if you don't like it and sell it on eBay you'll probably have to take a loss as large as the price of any of the aforementioned lenses, so I'd really recommend against it.

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