V1+lens 399 new. The free fall of the value continues...

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Re: V1+lens 399 new. The free fall of the value continues...

There's zero chance this line is 'gone'.

1. Nikon spent years preparing for CX. They'll not cut their losses this fast. Nikon are not rash (I've worked with them pretty closely).
2. The J2 arrived. You do't push new models when killing a system.

3. The RX100 means Sony now building all their best tech into 1 inch sensors. Nikon have another source if they choose to use it.

At the very worst I'd imagine Nikon could move the 1 series down. If they've sold 10 J's for every V they may have decided to cede the high-end.

More realistically they're coming to the market with a better positioned V2. With the new competition from the G1 X, RX 100 and others they've realized they have to offer more control to exploit the 1 series speed.

I certainly hope so. I really want a V2 (or similar).

It's worth noting that if the RX100 is a smash hit (and it looks to be) Sony might want to produce a CX ILC too.

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