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Re: B&H Closes soon - Last Chance

Cruthcfield is generally way too expensive for most items, usually charging full MSRP. Occasionally, they have good sale prices, especially on outgoing models. But,

If I'm gonna have to wait a week for shipping, anyway, I'll order from B&H. Why bother with anybody else on the east coast, unless it's for inventory reasons?

Amazon used to be my number 1 choice, until they started charging sales tax in CA. So, now they need a much lower base price to compete, for me. Or, if I need it quickly, and the $3.99 for overnight shipping makes the total price competitive.

As for buying major appliances from home stores, those are the only places I've bought appliances in the last few years. Great selection and support for the low-to-mid-range stuff.

I don't buy into shopping at specific stores that specialize in specific types of products, generally. Most salesmen at most stores simply don't have the knowledge. They are salesmen. Their job is to make money, not to be technical experts. That being said, both B&H and Crutchfield do go the extra mile in the knowledge department. The difference is that B&H also offers discount pricing, which Crutchfield does not.

ryan2007 wrote:

For TV's Crutchfield.com is fantastic for all the electronics. Customer service is great and its lifetime support.

However, I would not buy a camera from them. Unless you know what you want and the same goes for Amazon or Best Buy. Buying what they specialize in is great. When it comes to the extras like Washing Machines so they can compete with Sears or Home Depot.

I would not buy a washing machine from Home Depot, but from a appliance store is the point and B&H is fine for camera or video and all things photography or videography studio lighting etc.

jhoff80 wrote:

Slightly off topic, but I'm generally conflicted about B&H myself. For small items (camera, lenses) I've had excellent experiences.

When I bought a TV from them, I had a horrible experience. And the being closed so often does frustrate me a little, when I'm impatient for my stuff.

I think basically overall I'm fine buying small items from them now, but I wouldn't repeat that experience with something large.

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