D600: Mirror vibration & AA filter

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Re: D600: Mirror vibration & AA filter

Having owned half a dozen Nikon D SLR's, I've never noticed mirror slap while handholding? I have seen mirror vibrations show up when shooting macro and long exposures, but those are on a tripod. in other words the slightest hand shake is 100 times more likely to show up then mirror vibration. My suggestion would be to look at some different techniques for handling.

I'm generally a shaky guy but was taught good technique very young, and I can hand hold down to 1/2 to 1 stop below the length of the lens. Keep in mind that not every shot is going to be a keeper but I get a good percentage. And of course I get a higher percentage from my D700 versus my D800e. I've also noticed that extra weight helps me in handholding. This would work against the Fuji, but your experience might be different.



All in all I have heard great things about the Fuji and I think that mirror vibration is probably not a big enough deal to make a difference in your decision. I would be more focused on how it feels in your hand.

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