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gobiassumcoffee wrote:

Cool shot! In the spirit of constructive criticism, I'd say that the hair/rim light in the back is a bit too hot coming through the woman's hair (along with the spill on the wall behind her back), and I feel like both the main lights (on camera-ish fill and key light right) could come down maybe close to a stop assuming you're going for a more directional/moody low key style of lighting. But like i said, good shot!

Thanks! And thanks for the critique, don't see that here done well too often. This shot was actually not really planned. It shot this from the side where the light was still set up for the shots from the front. But I liked the feel so took a few from this position without changing the light as we still were only halfway of a shooting day where the light was supposed to the same during the whole shoot. Otherwise I would indeed have tuned down the backlight some and maybe the key light on the right too. It gave at least some inspiration to try more in such fashion for a coming shoot.

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