Canon G1X vs DSLR 18-55m - minimum focus distance & len sharpness

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Re: Canon G1X vs DSLR 18-55m - minimum focus distance & len sharpness

I own a G1 X and used to own a G11 so here goes...

  • Is the focusing distance much worse than the 18-55mm kit lens. For example if I want to take a headshot photo of someone just across the dinner table am I going to have stand up and take a step back? In macro mode which reduces the focusing distance from 40cm to 20cm, does this cause a close up headshot to look unnatural because it is in macro mode?

Can't answer - I don't have a DSLR/Kit to compare side-by-side. Switching to Macro or attaching a close-up lens is easy and fast with a little practice

  • Is the G1X lens sharper than the 18-55mm kit lens? If so is it comparable to the 17-55mm f2.8 or are we pushing it here. It says the lens is made to EF standards but that can vary. So just trying to see where in the hierarchy of DSLR lenses it slots.

In my experience, this lens is exceptionally sharp, even compared to a DSLR Kit

  • I know the autofocus is slow but is it much slower than say the G12? Also despite being slow for me the important thing is whether the autofocus is reliable and readily locks on where for general purpose photography I wont end up with a heap of blurred photos.

IMHO, the AF is not slow, it's just not as fast as a DSLR. This is not an issue for me as I learned techniques to compensate for pervious cameras with even slower AF or even from the days of NO AF. I do find the AF slower on "AUTO" than on "P." I also use the smallest AF frame which is faster than a larger one.

  • I have the G12 and so do the photos even at low ISO from the G1X exhibit a noticable improvement in photo quality.

Absloutely, the G1 X has vastly superior IQ to the G11/12 in many situations and generally superior IQ in all situations. I loved my G11, but the limitations were evident. I think some of the issues some folks have with the G1 X stem from the fact that it is designed for photographers, not gadget fans looking for a cool camera. The camera requires some time spent with it to master some of its capabilities, and get used to how it operates. That having been said, if IQ is paramount and you want to stay in a non-DSLR, you should test-drive a G1 X!
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