V1+lens 399 new. The free fall of the value continues...

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Re: V1+lens 399 new. The free fall of the value continues...


think yourselves luck to be able to pick one up at this price now, I have just bought a second with 10mm lens.

In spite of all the criticism I am happy with my V1 and the pictures that can be produced, if you know what you are doing with it!

A complete kit with the three good lens for less than you would pay for a reasonable middle of the road DSLR body.

I paid out about £2000 british pounds for a new Olympus E1 a few years ago,body only, within no time at all they were being sold for £1500 then reduced to £399 with free battery grip. Olympus then changed to the SWD lens, my original lens set thus outdated!

If I were to loose my total investment in the Nikon 1 system it would cost me peanuts in comparison to the depreciaton of my Olympus Kit.

My nikon F3 bodies sold at the same time are still fetching what I sold them for and my beautiful manual focus Nickors three times what I sold them for!!!!! It cost me a lot to buy back into Nikon FX but worth every penny.

The v1 is a bit of fun and I have to except that in the digital age no camera body will maintain its value for too long, even a Leica.

Rant over!!!
John B. North Wales. UK

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