D600, for me too little, too late for too much

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Re: D600, for me too little, too late for too much

photomy wrote:

"And so we have here the camera, with meager functionality, except for the expected noise property, and the depth of field resulting from this frame size, at a price which knocks off some people, while others say "most affordable Full Frame." I am struggling to make up my mind, is it a good price, or gold digging? I think its the latter."

I think the D600 was designed to sustain significant price discounting later and still earn a profit. They start out a little high to test the market. Marketing 101 says that you can always lower the price, never increase it later. Also, I am not sure who copied who but it is amazing Nikon and Canon come out with such similar models within a couple of weeks.

Nothing wrong with a profit margin, but a free-fall of values of some of these FX cameras is stunning. Now for example Canon offers EOS-5D MkII for $1700 approx. new.

Now we are talking. For me the 5D was a 7D, slower, no flash but larger sensor. Of course in extreme situations and for huge magnifications FX size will show, but in my usage of my images, mostly web and prints maybe to 13x19" max, I do not really care about FX at all.


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