I'd like to have an SLT-mirror that flips up during the shot

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Re: I'd like to have an SLT-mirror that flips up during the shot

theswede wrote:

Luebke wrote:

I don't really see the point of a DSLR with transluent mirror but I guess those clever Sony engineers would find a way to coat a glass substrate with their beamsplitter coating. Might even be much easier than using some kind of foil.

Except the refraction through the glass would become an issue as it has to be angled. The secret of lack of chromatic aberration from the SLT mirror is its thinness. It's a non-trivial (and costly) task to find a material with wavelength independent refraction index.


That is actually true. I forgot that the mirror has to deal with all those wavelength at the same time.

My work tricked my brain, I guess :D. I'm using those beamsplitters every day and even with various wavelength. But almost never with a bandwidth of wavelength at the same time.

This kills the DSLR with transluent mirror right away.

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