How to use Windows 8 WITHOUT Metro - Classic Shell

Started Sep 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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No. If the mod program cost too much

I would not use it unless the OS was unusably bad, which is unlikely, though Win 8 seems to begetting there.
I would use it if it was a few pounds though, as long as it did the job.

I think the OS should work as the customer wants and not get in the way.

I've been torn apart for saying this before, but Win 7 does not look or work as I want it to, therefore I used Classic Shell and other mods and hacks to make it more usable for me.

There should be no reason to prevent me being able to change the GUI to suit my way of working, much as I can do in Linux, but Ms is increasingly forcing the user to do things it's way or not at all.

Hence the need for clever people who create programs like classic shell and who work out how to get rid of the other unnecessary crap that Ms deems necessary.

Adobe and Apple seem to be of the same mould though.

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