D600: Mirror vibration & AA filter

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D600: Mirror vibration & AA filter

Hi all,

I am in the middle of trying to decide on either the D600 or the little Fujifilm E-X1. Yes, yes, I know, completely different beasts but for me it is either one.

I am an old Fuji S3 shooter (and still am) that briefly had a D7000 but due to mirror vibration sold it pretty quick smart. Taking photos with mirror up on tripod was the only way to get amazingly sharp images at anything around or less than 125th sec. Hand holding at those speeds only resulted in soft images, same with on a tripod (which rules out me shaking).

Anyway, the D600 looks an exceptional camera and so I am wondering if anyone has done a detailed comparison of images taken at 125th (or slower) ...

1. Tripod normal single shot.
2. Tripod single shot with mirror already in the up position.

.... to see what difference in sharpness is. This will instantly tell if there is any mirror slapping vibration effecting image sharpness.

Also, does the AA filter on the D600 appear to be a little on the aggressive side which results in slightly softer images?

The little E-X1 doesn't have an AA filter. It uses the same 16MP sensor as the Fuji X-Pro1 and studying the images the resolution appears mind-boggling detailed and crisp for a 16MP sensor (no doubt due to no AA filter)

If the D600 could deliver the same results or better from a 24MP with AA filter (even though the individual pixel size is actually physically larger than the Fuji) then I'd be happy but anything less then it would not be good.

Any advice (or thoughts/comments) from new D600 owners would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

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