Powerfull studio strobe for HSS???

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Re: Powerfull studio strobe for HSS???

Yeah I get sync at all speeds up to 1/8000th with my Elinchrom Ranger Speed AS. Setup as follows -

Camera - Canon 1D4
Flash - Elinchrom Ranger Speed AS with standard "S" head.
Trigger - PW Mini TT1 on camera. PW ST4 on the Ranger.

My testing isn't very scientific so some people may not be convinced or demand more info. I can't be bothered to test it the way other people want. You'll just have to take my word for what I see.

So basically the high speed sync relies on the S head having quite a slow flash duration. That combined with the PW triggers "optimising" the point at which the flash fires means that the flash duration lasts longer than the shutter speed. Having a fast flash isn't always the best thing. Sometimes a slow flash is a good thing.

There may be some power drop off at the higher speeds. I haven't measured it that precisely. This setup does however give a clean sync (all of the frame exposed by the flash), at all power levels and at all shutter speeds.


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