I'd like to have an SLT-mirror that flips up during the shot

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Re: I'd like to have an SLT-mirror that flips up during the shot

theswede wrote:

Dirk W wrote:

After looking at many comparison samples on the internet of NEX5N to A37/57 and NEX7 to A77 it becomes obvious that the translucent mirror adds noise, and I mean not because it "eats" some light, but mainly because it is an optical obstacle in front of the sensor that is not entirely clear like only lenses.

Evidence please. This is a controversial statement which is at odds with present photographic evidence, so you need to back this up. Substantially.

So why should Sony not take the best out of two worlds, keep the SLT for the great EVF and constant lifeview, but when you press the shutter it would flip up and give way for a free sensor?

Because the SLT is extremely thin (it has to be) and would vibrate a lot from the violent motion induced on it, leading to inability to use it until it stops vibrating and also leading to very rapid failure of the mirror.

In other words, it's very fragile. Slamming it around would break it.

In my opinion this should not be a problem - except maybe that the continuous autofocus during bursts would become a little slower.

A lot slower. As in multiple seconds between shots to allow the vibrating mirror to stabilize. It's pretty clear your background in engineering is limited or you would have instantly understood this. Your opinion that it should not be a problem is exceedingly uninformed and (to be gracious) naive.

Since the SLT-mirror is much lighter than a traditional glass mirror, flipping up and down should go even faster with less vibration etc.

And the obvious question, why the traditional mirror is made from glass and not from thin plastic, never crossed your mind. There is a reason a mirror is solid and stable (and heavy), and it's not that engineers spending their careers optimizing these mechanisms are stupider than you.

Any opinions?

You have no idea what you're talking about.


Hey, look at this, I agree with both Swede and Cyainparadise on something

Dirk, you're just a few years too early. Sony has been moving toward a mirrorless on-sensor PDAF camera for years and SLT is just an intermediate step toward getting there. So, basically, in my opinion the real answer here is that a flappy semi-translucent mirror will never happen because that would be spending money on a soon-to-be-dead technology. Soon-to-be is relative, it may take a few years or more for on-sensor PDAF to be worthy enough for an enthusiast level ILC let alone professional, but that is the eventual future for Sony.

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