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Our posed portrait list has been one of the best things we've ever done. Brides and families are always very impressed by the way we work that part of the wedding. Even distant relations come up to us and say "wow!". Just last night, a bridesmaid approached us after we finished the posed group portraits almost fifteen minutes ahead of schedule (and that's after starting 10 minutes late!), saying she wanted to book us for her July 6 2012 wedding because she liked the way we worked.

People have seen posed group shots go on endlessly before. Grandparents have sat in pews for an hour waiting to be in their ONE SHOT, and children's tempers have flared because they took the bribe to behave for a picture forever ago and now they're too tired for the shot the bride "really wants". And yes, moms do end going around rounding everyone up. Not with us! By working with our brides at first consultation, they are already thinking about this part of the day, and understanding the value of planning this part of the day INTELLIGENTLY. And sure, we can throw in some impromptu groupings as well, but we NEVER have moms or aunts hijacking things and bossing anyone around. In fact, we INSIST that our couples INCLUDE their parents in this part of the planning.

In short, the way we do it simply WORKS. It has since 2007, since we first really studied the issue and fine-tuned the whole process. The only times we have problems are on those very few weddings in which the bride just drops the ball. (Or, in the case of several more recent weddings in which newbies drop the ball and we jump in at the last minute, and brides don't even have the opportunity to do this part of the planning.) But even when there are problems, we can manage them BETTER now because we've seen what works efficiently and how to achieve the group portraits in the best way possible. Ten years ago, we -- like all photographers -- dreaded the posed group portraits as "a necessary evil". Now it's the easiest part of the day! And it's what every wants prints of the most!

As far as the extra time clause is concerned, you're missing the point, penguin. It's not there to collect extra money. It's there to avoid circumstances in which a six hour wedding day turns into a ten hour wedding day. It's there to give the bride peace of mind that she won't loose her photographer just because things run behind. (Last night's wedding went over about 45 minutes. I saw the bride running up to the DJ to "negotiate" a longer stay after he starting playing the "last dance of the night" song. Not necessary with us! And will we bill her for that extra time? No! It's a great way to ENCOURAGE post-wedding sales of albums and such but showing good will and a friendly attitude. "Don't worry about it the extra time. We were having a great time getting a few more shots we knew you'd love in your album!" It's about adding VALUE rather than COST.

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