D80 a faithfull tool is dying... now what?!

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Pedro Negreiros New Member • Posts: 12
D80 a faithfull tool is dying... now what?!


This is my first post, even if i've been reading on and off these forums from the last few years.

Anyway, i'm a proud owner of a (very tiered) Nikon D80 which i bought on october 2006 and always served me well 99% of the times (the 1% was the photographers fault).

It "only" has near 80.000 actuations, i was thinking i could "ask her" to reach and go a little beyond the 100.000, but i feel it's near it's limit (freezes a lot, very slow, etc...).

I'm thinking on acquiring a new tool beacause the D80 is asking some deserved rest and i'm afraid that it will died on me anytime soon (and it's one of a photographers nightmare to be on the field, working hard and not being able to do "his job") and i can't aford to be on that type of situation.

I photograph mainly landscapes (urban and nature), interiors and casually the family.

The D80 even if it's a camera that served me well has a few outcomes that limitated/ upseted me: not a 100% (only 94%), limited high iso (in my projets i never went beyond the 400iso so i could get a good quality image), autofocus (is today) a very slow one and a dynamic range that could be a little bit better. The overexposure issue never was an obstacle (i think the photographers job is to know it's tool and go beyond it's limitations whenevers possible).

Regarding lens i'm very happy with what i've bought throw the years, so today i'm not needing anything in particular (24mm 2.8D, 35mm 2D and 50mm 1.4D).

D7000 would be a "natural" direction to take, but i'm also tempted for the FX field... mostly since the d600 seems to be overral an "affordable" tool, looking at what it can provide (which on my type of photography would be a serious advantage).

Even if money isn't a "serious issue" (d800 is for now out of reach) i'm relatively flexible budget wise...

So what are your thoughts/ advices? regarding the lens i have, would it be a "drawback" in the FX field (are the "compatible"/ up to the level of a d600 specifications?)?

Thanks in advance for your toughts


Pedro negreiros

ps- the other day i played a little with the d800 and was blown away with the beast...

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