Nikon D600 Dusty sensors

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Nikon D600 Dusty sensors


I'd like some feedback from the new owners of Nikon D600.

I recently bought the D600 and was really happy until...I open my lenses aperture more than 8!

My d600 sensor shows dust, not a little, but lots of big dust everywhere. I bring it back to my resellers, who told me, that was too huge and offer me a replacement of the body straight away!

I'm happy with the deal, and came back home....and again! same problem, less visible but still at 11 it's shows lots of dust on the sensor.

I phoned back to my reseller and went back to the shop. I tried the one that was @ disposal to test, same problem!

And now that the DPreview sample gallery is updated (i was waiting for it to verify on other sensors than mine) and it shows dust as well on at least on few shots of course the one exposed more than 9.

[Check top left corners, to midle left side, you'll see the dust on the sensor]

I will compile some of my shots from both my camera and send it there in the following hours.

I wrote a mail to Nikon for this particular purpose, and the answer is of course really what you don’t want to ear when you spent 2099€ on a new camera:

Bring it back and our service will check the problem…but you don’t have any camera during this time! Minimum 10 to 15 days without a camera!

On the 3 D600 I checked + the one from DPreview, it makes 4 of them, with this particular problem.

I never had this problem on any new Nikon before, and I’m not happy with the quality of the sensor in that case.

4 sensors checked 4 problems… and Nikon told me this wasn’t a known problem in their feedback department.

On my side I also made the usual clean sensors from the camera of course.

My first D600 had even been cleaned without success from the shop (Nikon official cleaner)
I verified my lenses, changes them to ensure it wasn’t them the problem.

So to summarize, the 1080 issue on the HDMI out (black stripes around the image) and for me the sensor not clean is now a dealbraker for me and I’m now stuck with this camera.

The camera is perfect for my use if you remove those 2 real issues on the top of no histogram in live view for films neither aperture control…now it’s too much…

So if people got the same issue, please post here at least for future buyers that should check their sensor befor making the move to buy!

To check it, I just take a picture of a blue sky or grey, and shot from aperture 8 to 22 in A mode. (raw) Check your shots with nx view.

Nikon please make a nice move on this! At least propose a camera during the time it goes back in your services! My camera is brand new and has problem from shoot one. ( 3 bodies not 1!)

May be it’s usual to have those dots everywhere on the pictures when you buy new camera, but I doubt it, never saw this with previous Nikon I owned.

At your disposal.

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Nikon D600
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