For Sensor Detectives. GH3 Sensor appears Panasonic's

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Re: Ridiculous

Mazin Sami wrote:

But Apple makes nothing, since all their products come from Foxxcon facories or Asus subsidiary factories.

The ridiculous is the idea that just because a product comes from an outsource manufacturers factory, then the product is an 'outsource manufacturer' product. The Sony wafer fab manufactures sensors for kits of people, just like Foxxcon manufactures for lots of people.

Sony wafer fab owns NONE of those products. When Sony imaging is the customer then Sony imaging owns the sensor. If Nikon or Panasonic is the customer, then the product is a Nikon or Panasonic product.

Apple designs their products to the smallest detail, they hire the most talented brains in the world to work for them at Cupertino, California. Asus never made a Mac nor the iPhone.


That Asus never made a Mac or iPhone is simply wrong. Asus never made the iPhone- Foxconn makes that. But Asus did make Macs. Asus then created a subsidiary called Pegatron to do the manufacture so it could sell products under its own brand. This still has not prevented problems.
See this article as an example:

The point is the Apple products are really Apples ideas and no one should suggest otherwise. I am not trying to insult Apple or say their products do not belong to them. What I am saying is that having products made by someone else- as Apple does- does not mean those products are really the products of the company that does the manufacture.

So Asus manufacturing for Apple does not mean Apple products are really Asus products...they still Apple products despite being built in an Asus factory.

Do you follow now?

Do research and you will find Apple does not build its products. The point is that getting someone else to build your products does not stop them being your products.

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