For Sensor Detectives. GH3 Sensor appears Panasonic's

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Re: "our sensor group"

Hmmm....but again, they do not simply buy a battery from someone who makes them. They design a battery and have it made to their specification, and the battery includes electronics and software they also design.

It seams clear the Sony fab manufactures the Panasonic sensor in the GH3, and also clear the Sony fab is manufacturing some of the best sensors. But the Olympus OMD sensor and GH3 sensor many have technology in them that varies from what Sony imaging has. Alternatively, they may be also designed by Sony imaging. However it seems certain there would be input from Olympus and Panasonic and the actual sensors produced would be an Olympus product and a Panasonic product and not something Sony owns in the sense that if your sensor fails you can buy a Sony part to repair the Camera.

I took the comment that the Panasonic sensor group simply buys from Sony as humour or sarcasm.

Framerate wrote:

dr_elis wrote:

The Panasonic sensor group is buying sensors from Sony.

Quite - they would also say, "our battery' - but they don't make them.

"Our", in this case, simply means that the parts they purchase from third party suppliers become "theirs" when Panasonic incorporate them into their camera.

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