OMD EM-5 Buttons

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Re: OMD EM-5 Buttons

WillemW wrote:

Very relevant question! I have the same annoying problem with my GH2. However; I glued a small rubber strip on the right side of the buttons, which largely solves the problem. Ofcourse the strip is very tiny, and after 1 of 2 months it starts coming of again, so I have to glue it again.

I held an OMD in my hands in my local shop, and my thumb definitely touched some of of buttons on the backside, but at that moment I did not notice any change of settings. So the much heard comment that the buttons of the OMD are not very responsive, seems to be true. >

Well, I came along this statement on

"Had my OMD for 4 months and love it. If only one thing could be changed though (well, two things) it would have to be some form of button lock. The number of times the camera only focusses on the left of the screen because the arrow buttons on the back of the camera have been knocked (and therefore changed the focus screen) … extremely frustrating (...) the problem is with the 4 way controller, not the touch screen."

So it seems the buttons of the OMD are prone to this behaviour as well.

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