I'd like to have an SLT-mirror that flips up during the shot

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Re: Forgot to mention...

Dirk W wrote:

It's not for the f-stop, it's for the lower noise especially in high ISOs, and that is a very important issue if priority is to get the maximum IQ out of the sensor.

Bigger size, weight and cost - if so then marginal. Vibrations - agreed, but that's only an issue in very special situations and can be tackled by mirror lock up. Slower speed - agreed.

The optimum would be if you could chose between SLT-mode and flip-mode.

I think a SLT with flipping mirror will never be realized. It would be too special or too expensive for the mass market compared to normal SLTs.

But maybe we will see an alpha with good and fast on chip PDAF. An APS-C A-Mount J1 would seem to fit your needs. You might need to sacrifice some pixels due to the PDAF but that seems reasonable to me. Or a NEX-6 with a good mirrorless adapter (a pimped LA-EA1) would do it.

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