Canon 200mm f2.8 anyone?

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Re: Yes but with the 70-200mm I have 6 primes !

Ossme, you are partly right, you can use your zoom lenses as primes, but, once I have a zoom in your hands, I find it more difficult to think in that way. Furthermore, the 135mm of the 70-200 is not the same as the "magic" 135 f2


ossme wrote:

With the 70-200m. F2.8 I have 6 different primes:

1- 70mm
2- 85mm
3- 100mm
4- 135mm
5- 185mm
6- 200mm

I would usually select the focal length that is going to give me the image perspective That I want and then I would move around to frame the shot.

Zoom lenses are more varistility in perspective rather than framing. People just use them the wrong way...

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