PC upgrading from an i7920 on x58

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Re: PC upgrading from an i7920 on x58

Exactly my plan before. But when I insert this new SATA controller card, the system stopped itself completely.

Anyway I am getting myself a 512Gb SSD as a primary harddik, and change my mobo to a z77. There were deals for x58 one year back but there seems local PC shops no longer stock them

Jen Yates wrote:

You don't need 64GB of RAM! How much RAM did you have before? 6GB or 12GB was probably likely on that system.

16GB is a good figure these days unless you know your uber 3D animations won't render or your 100 layer 5k composities are demanding.

Get a decent quad or hex core Ivy Bridge, a fast SSD, 16GB of RAM and a low end GPU (Your 285 will be okay).

You'll do fine.

Info: I have a near identical system (i7 920/285 etc) and when equipped with a decent SSD it's still an okay machine, although mine has been retired and replaced with a retina macbook pro.

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