5D II how much for new shutter?

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Re: 5D II how much for new shutter?

For routine, regular service or standard replacements, where the scope of work is fixed I see no reason why Canon shouldn't be able/willing to quote fairly accurate charges.

When I needed the well known, aperture assembly replacement in my 24-105mm zoom, Canon CS (Singapore) quoted a narrow range of inclusive charges and in the event it came in somewhere in the middle.

If you have a non-routine or unusual problem where the scope of work cannot be anticipated in advance which, from your description, you seem to have had, then they will obviously be unable to quote charges until they've fully diagnosed the problem.

As for having to send in a camera to a CSC three times and still not getting it fixed, irrespective of not being able to quote service charges, that's unacceptable.

Good luck


trueserve wrote:

Canon service centers won't quote prices.

At least they won't for me. Have to send the camera in, all of them said.

PS - this is only anecdotal, but if you NEED to use a service center, don't use the Irvine, CA facility. I sent my camera to them 3 times in a row and they still didn't take care of the problem. This was a paid repair and it's been ongoing now for almost two months. I'm getting my camera back from the New Jersey center tomorrow; being sent to Canon for the fourth time hopefully they can actually do the work I paid for...

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