Just Bought EOS-M dual lens kit.

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Re: Just Bought EOS-M dual lens kit.

laquila65i wrote:

kellymac60 wrote:

I'm really interested in it. I hope it's faster than the Nikon N1 (I think that's what it's called)
I look forward to your first impressions

No, it's not going to be faster. It's going to be better though. I am a Nikon person myself, but Canon does so many things right. This camera, for instance, is a perfect camera for those who understand. This camera doesn't compete with anybody. It stands on its own. Nikon 1 is trying to compete with Sony NEX and the 4/3 crowd. Canon is doing it right. People today (as stupid as they are) will not appreciate what Canon is doing, but at lest they are doing it. I salute Canon for trying!

Other than canon glass compatibility and slow AF how is this camera any different than the zillion other mirroless options? I'm really curious as I'm heavily (for me) vested in canon but can not see any reason to get this camera. When using the the adapter the overall package is so big I might as well bring along my T2i, and the EOS-M specific lenses are not very exciting.

LK400 thanks for taking the time for these early updates!

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