Collegiate Beach Volleyball

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Donald Chin
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Re: Collegiate Beach Volleyball

rolette wrote:

Excellent timing on your shots! Definitely jealous about you being able to shoot volleyball in good light like that... I'm assuming it was a cloudy day?

From a C&C perspective, only a few minor things to mention:

1) Junk in the backgrounds (empty bottles, clothes line, fence/barricade, etc.). Not that these are bad... compared to the usual mess around volleyball courts, these are reasonably clean. It's the difference between very good and great shots.

The usual answer with backgrounds is to shoot from up high. Of course, if you did that, it's unlikely you'd get the kind of dig shots you have here so it's a rough trade.

2) The first shot is a nice capture, but would be much better if she had leading space in front of her instead of behind. It feels cramped on one side with dead space on the left.

You could crop it tighter (mid-waist) and eliminate the funky composition pretty easily.

3) While exposures are good on these, the processing feels a bit flat. A little work with PP should give you much more striking images - particularly given the good material you have to start with.



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