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Re: Please be honest with your answer

I agree with what you're saying Neil (for the most part). I recently encountered an example when taking a picture of a cheetah in Botswana. It was one of those situations where you have very little time to frame, focus and shoot. The cheetah had just climbed on a termite mound and I took off the shot below which I was quite excited about.

When a few minutes later I zoomed in 100%, I noticed that due to the placement of the AF point, I had focused on the cheetah's chest and not its eyes. At 400mm at f/4, focusing is critical, even at 20m. Hence the eyes were just on the edge of being out of focus.

I initially was very depressed, but later when I developed the image and printed it, you honestly could hardly tell the difference.


NeilJones wrote:

leighton w wrote:

How many actually use the 100% zoom with the OK button with the cameras that will allow it? I've seen dozens of complaints that the D600 left this feature out.

My D7000 and now my D600 won't allow this. But, I hardly ever check focus until I have the image on the computer. I mainly just chimp the image to check for composure and nothing else.

Am I missing something?

No, it's called "chimping". Most people who need this feature are probably relatively new to photography and never shot in the "film" days. The same people zoom to 100%+ on their computer screen and then complain about the silliest things they see.

Hardly anyone appreciates the "art" of photography anymore. It's all about how "sharp" and "noise free" the photo is.

Silly when you think about it.

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Shoot like it's your last day..

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