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Re: What does one use an EVF for?

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

You are familiar with Sean Reid, right?

Yes. And I exchanged emails with him yesterday. You?

He points out the EVF frame rate is a disappointing 30fps, so the image blurs when recomposing or following a dynamic subject.

It's a bloody Leica M, and they called the EVF the "visoflex". It does exactly what is needed. Primary focus is macro, where you don't really deal with "dynamic" subjects.

So you missed the demo videos and hyperventilation using the EVF for street photography.?

I was crushed to hear that the spot metering I'd heard mentioned is just a hack of the video feed that comes out of Live View mode, and not usable when in standard rangefinder mode.

I'm curious, why would you have expected that?

Oh I don't know, perhaps the public specs, the multiple first hand reports of Leica spokespeople highlighting this big upgrade in metering?

I'd thought the M was bringing a significant improvement to metering, but now I'd say it's no big deal.


Well, at least you got something right.

Reid didn't seem to appreciate the importance of image stabilization to video. He suggested the M might be an alternative for video gathering for reportage use.

It's a convenient "extra capability" for those already doing reportage with an M.

Convenience requires utility.

I was surprised by his report that the shutter speed is no quieter than the M9 in standard shutter mode.

Reid says it's just as loud, only more brief. If true, with the removal of discreet mode to support Live View, the M will be less stealthy than the M9 in many situations.

It wasn't necessary to remove it for liveview. Either the real reason will come out, or Leica will add it back in the next firmware update.

That's an assertion by Leica spokespeople and a well known Leica engineer. You have any first hand knowledge to support the claim they're hiding something?

Firmware upgrade to change the mechanics? You're a riot tonight.

No comment on ISO noise or IQ, btw.

He probably had to agree not to comment on those things. Very common in previews.

Just trying to save the time and money of people who might think otherwise. I plead public service.

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