5 Years Before Our Cameras Are Obsolete

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Re: 5 Years Before Our Cameras Are Obsolete

SLR cameras today look like they did 30 years ago. I sometimes wonder if it's nostalgia or if the case now is the best design. I do think the cellphone tech will come to cameras where you will be able to purchase apps. Are the current bodies the most ergonomic shape or will SLR's take on a new shape altogether. Monitors will also advance in the next five years and I eagerly await that. I would love a 500 million super small pixels monitor that could really display my photos properly. I would also like the same moniter tech in a huge 4 foot wide digital picture frame. Right now the largest frame you can buy is around 22 inches. We live in ever increasing exciting times. My great grandfather was born in a world of darkness. The Information Age is fully upon us and it has exceeded our wildest dreams.
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