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Re: only obsolescence that matters is the software

nawknai wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

l> nbolch wrote:

With the GA645zi, you have some concept of Fuji in the industrial marketplace. Other than generic P&S camera, they never really embraced the consumer marketplace until the X-mount cameras.

Wow...are you a recent convert to Fujifilm? You seem extraordinarily ignorant of Fuji's accomplishments in compacts.

That statement above is absolutely FALSE! There is a long, rich history of Fujifilm cameras for the consumer marketplace that were cutting edge. Ever hear of the F31fd? Go back to the F10 and F20. Amazing cameras that still shoot as good as a lot of today's cameras.

Actually, he's right.

He's not and I categorically reject your premise below. Fujifilm spent enormous resources building up the SuperCCD HR. Where did it end up, 8 generations? Canon, Nikon, no one came close to the development Fujifilm put into their compact sensors.

8 generations of sensor design. That's a long history in most people's book.

Fuji doesn't have a long, rich history of (digital) p&s cameras. Yes, they did release the F20, F30, and F31fd, but they were the only high quality p&s cameras they released. I still have my F31fd on my shelf, and I remember it being competitive with the Panny LX3 in terms of image quality. The LX3 was probably the F31fd's only real competition due to sensor size, and small body size. The Fuji F40fd was a disappointing release in Fuji's most impressive line of cameras, and every F-series camera released after that managed to be an even greater disappointment.

It was only a disappointment for the low light crowd. They liked the awesome performance of the F30 in low light and saw that property going by the wayside. The folks who craved resolution liked the F40 and beyond and even today you will find fans of the F100 as being one of the best compacts Fuji ever made.

Unlike Panasonic, Fuji didn't continue releasing quality F-series cameras, and their other camera lines weren't good either. You're basicaly defending Fuji because they managed to release 3 decent p&s cameras out of dozens? I see them as outliers.

Nonsense. That just shows your blindness/ignorance.

Let's face it, in terms of p&s cameras, Fuji has had more in common with "Casio cameras" than they have with present-day Fujifilm, who are now putting effort into their releases.

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