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Re: B&H Closes soon - Last Chance

ryan2007 wrote:

I would not buy a washing machine from Home Depot, but from a appliance store is the point and B&H is fine for camera or video and all things photography or videography studio lighting etc.

Funny you should say that...over the past 15 years I have bought 2 washers and 2 dryers from appliance stores. I had an absolutely terrible experience with all but the first dryer. Two years ago I bought a new washer and dryer from Home Depot (yes, that makes a total of FOUR washers in 15 years....I gave up on the appliance stores after the second washer started smoking, and bought the third from Costco. That one at least lasted almost 7 years). Things have been perfect so far with the new ones, and I still have three years on the extended warrantee (hopefully I won't have to find out how their service is....). I bought a stove from them last year also, and they did a good job delivering it and setting it up.

When my refrigerator failed last summer, however, I bought one at Best Buy, since they had the model I wanted. That one had a defect and I had to get it exchanged.....Best Buy was okay, but it was just a hassle all around. So, the moral of this story is that I would rather deal with Home Depot for my appliance purchases than any of the local appliance stores......I suppose if I was buying gold-plated appliances I would look elsewhere, but at least in my neck of the woods, they seem to be doing the best job....YMMV, of course.

It's kind of sad how badly things are made nowadays. The fridge that failed last year was only 8 years old. It had replaced an old GE that had just had its 30th birthday....The original washer I replaced when I got my first new one was a good 20 years old (a Kenmore from the 70's). I would have kept using it but the switches in the dial were down to working in only one cycle, and it would have been impossible to get the parts to fix it...The new stove I got replaced a 20 year old one that still worked but was getting a bit tired and slow to heat (and parts were not available for it either). I fully expect this new stove to last maybe 10 years, and the fridge I will consider fortunate if it even gets to 8 like the last one.....I just wish things were made a little bit better....


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