Ohh NOOO My D600 is not a Pro

Started Oct 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP elendill3334 Forum Member • Posts: 65
Re: What about your recent disappointment with Nikon?

So you didn't toss your new D600 in the trash afterall?

Has using your D600 cured your disappointment with Nikon?

It turns out its the Nikon software I'd like to toss in the trash. I fixed the problem===but it took three of four installs, patches and updates.

I am enjoying my D600 but other than full frame, it really doesnt seem to be that much of an upgrade from my D90.

Both take great pictures...this one gets a bit wider.

I'ver added a few lenses, 24, 85 and 105 Nikkor Primes. I am appreciating the glass upgrades more than the body upgade so far...

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