Fuji XPro/Xtrans a mistake?

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Re: challenges/mathematics of demosaicing

Hi Mike,

very good summary of the technical facts and possibilities as some very good assumptions from an engineering standpoint. Thanks for your work!

I think you worked it out quiet cleary why the X-Trans is working so good.

And I think it is really important to point out once more that the colour and luminance perception of the the human eye and brain is not linear, what is the main reason why the X-Trans has the possibility to be superior to the Bayer-pattern. But we also should not forget, that it is the first of its kind, and therefore not perfect and not as mature as the Bayer-pattern in industry terms.

But to translate these facts in a sort of understanding is not so easy if you have no experience and no education in engineering or phyisics etc. and therefore a lot of people will continue to just count the quantity of R, G and B pixel and compare them on the base of linearity and some "comon sense", which is just not enough to understand the potential.

Personally I extremly appreciate Fujis work, as I appreciate Sigmas work on new sensor technologies, otherwise we may stick to old technologies for a much longer time period.

Thats innovation and evolution.


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