How do the current Nikon DSLRs handle video?

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Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

Video in dSLR cameras is still in its infancy. About the only thing you can do is make music videos and start shots out-of-focus.

Simply not true. A number of TV shows and music videos have been shot on DSLR. It's created an enormous opportunity for indie filmmakers too - not having to invest in $50k+ to shoot with the same look/feel of a major motion picture. It's in its prime not infancy.

A dedicated prosumer video camera will get you much better video for less money.

Again, not correct. A dedicated video camera is a better choice for home movies - although I prefer my Sony RX100. For serious video work a DSLR is a great choice.

The Nikon D800 records sound in mono for instance. And the camera's physical machinery moving is extremely loud. So you would have to buy a quality off-board sound recording device.

Which is what all serious video shooters do anyway!

Because of a dSLR's method of zooming and focusing, special equipment in the form of a focus puller is required. But on a dedicated prosumer video camera zoom is controlled smoothly with a lever.

But, you also don't get the shallow DOF and lens choices. Right tool for the job. A prosumer video camera is for family vidoes and bad cable commercials. A DSLR is a great choice for serious video work.

A LCD attachment is needed because it is often difficult to see the LCD in bright light such as outside.

Not exactly. You can use an LCD viewfinder which also helps with pulling focus.

All this stuff is on top of the lighting, panning tripod head and QR plate, dolly, stabilizer, etc. that you'll probably want to buy for either system.

Still need lighting, a tripod, etc. for competent video work regardless of camera.

But if all you want to do is make a little music video (i.e. no sound, just added music) and use the out-of-focus to in-focus trick, then just use manual focus, don't zoom, and basically be handicapped from normal use. Lots of people make very nice videos with dSLR cameras.

You'r completely oversimplifying the choices here and exaggerating the limitations of DSLR.

But compared to a dedicated prosumer video camera, it's poop. WAAAAY too much hassle. Check back in 5 years when Nikon and Canon have each created 2 new generations of camera bodies, and by then there will be much more useability.

Given the quality it's worth the extra work - again for the right job. You really didn't ask what he wanted to shoot now did you? Just went off an an assumption about DSLR vs. Prosumer video. These are not either/or choices they are best for completely different needs.


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