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Re: Tony -- RAW bracketing --- RX100 EV settings

BertIverson wrote:

tonyswash wrote:

I usually set the Drive function to shoot three bracketed images of 0.7 EV, the camera is quick enough and my memory card is big enough for this not to intrude on the shooting process and then I can mostly forget about exposure and sort it all out in post processing where I can choose the best exposed shot. I shoot in RAW by the way.

I shoot RAW too but never bother with bracketing. Can you explain to me what the bracketing buys one? When I had a P&S which only shot JPG, I used bracketing on sunny days.

Just looking for any new tips on technique. I am not questioning your bracketing.

It's a sort of fail safe. I have a large and fast memory card so shooting three quick exposures does not intrude on 90% of my shots. By getting three bracketed shots I have the option - if I need it - to either select an over or under exposed shot and adjust the shadows or highlights to suit or blend the exposures using various techniques. Mostly I find it's the highlights I want to rescue and so I use the under exposed shot and open up the shadows. Only a minority of shots need this sort of approach but by having the bracketed shots by default I don't have to think about and I just shoot.

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