3880 chip resetter that works

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Re: 3880 chip resetter that works

Irv and Joe...
Thanks for your ideas and for all the information you are sharing!

About the OEM cart, i am thinking about what would be the reason that epson put it.
Of course the first is obviously...to not refill it easy.

But i think that this valve also help in the function of the cart.

When the ink level is droping down, with the pressure inside the cart...the bag became flatter. No air enter in it. And i think that this famous valve is prevent it, for instance when you remove the cartridge.

For this reason, the port is in the middle of the cart but with this system, no air can enter...the bag became more and more flat while the level ink is dropping.

So if this theory is right...in the refilling posibility we'll need to care to not let air enter, while the ink will droppind down.
While the cart stay in the printer i don't see any possible problems.

Only in the short moment when we take off the cart and before the outside valve will closed...maybe same air would can enter.

What do you thing about it?

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