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There is a cure for your AF issues Barry

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

I've had constant AF problems with Nikon

The D7000 is, what, the fifth straight DSLR body that you're having AF accuracy issues with? I think it's about time you give up on PDAF and focus (pun intended) on switching to a system that provides fast CDAF. m43 is probably the best bet, but you'll have to get used to the EVF. Personally I find EVF's to be a better overall solution than OVF's (coming from Minolta 7 and 7D to a Sony A77), but that is a different subject.

I also hear that Pentax latest CDAF implementation (K-01 and K30) is quite fast, but in both cases you'll have to give up eye level composition, which is something that I for one wouldn't want to give up. At least the K-30 has a viewfinder (and a nice one at that), but unfortunately it's PDAF only in that mode.

I'm afraid that PDAF is increasingly becoming a hit or miss affair in all brands, mostly due to the much higher-resolution of today's sensors. Even the tiniest miss becomes noticeable with a 16MP or 24MP sensor, while it was harder to spot with a 6MP one. I think that the higher resolution is a more likely reason for the issues than an QC slip across all brands. One thing is certain - CDAF doesn't suffer from FF/BF issues and is going to be more and more popular for this (and other) reasons. It's the main thing that is missing in the A77. Well, at least the EVF and Peaking make MF a breeze...


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